The Power Of Momentum

The Power Of Momentum

recently had a big win at work. after months of feeling like I was batting my head against the wall and dreading every time my email went ‘ding!’ I finally got some good news.

that good news led to:

  • a mindset of expansiveness, gratitude and prosperous thinking
  • a fun dinner with the family around the kitchen table
  • an awesome hangout with my wife once the kids went to bed
  • a renewed sense of purpose when I was falling asleep

Crazy thing is that the news wasn’t that fantastic, it was ‘good’. What it did though was give me a feeling of hope. A feeling of winning, being a winner.

Sometimes we all just need a quick win to get the momentum rolling.

The key is to keep the momentum rolling as long as you can. don’t get off the ride, don’t stop, keep it f’ing going.

Easier to stay in motion than to get in motion (thank you high school physics class).

find any way you can to build momentum and keep it rolling.

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