November 16

Take Your Shot


I’ve been married for 17 years to a fantastic woman because of a note I left on her car almost 20 years ago. Met her on the sidewalk, took a shot and left a note on her car the next day and we’ve been together since then.

Met some of my best friends when I took a shot and tried crossfit with a bad back and bad knees. Now I can’t even imagine my life without Stratum Fitness. I f’ing love my friends there and would do anything for them. We are family now.

Freshman year of college I completely wimped out and gave up a shot to play attack for my college lacrosse team. Felt intimidated by an upperclassman who told me he was going to start over me. I backed down and 25 years later I regret it. I didn’t take my shot and coincidentally my college lax career kinda sucked.

My point to all of this?

In life you’re only going to get a certain amount of life changing shots.

Whether it’s in your career, relationships or whatever, you’re only going to get a finite amount so you better take them.

Life is f’ing short and seems to accelerate the older you get. One minute you’re playing Techmo in the dorms and the next minute you have grey hair and you drive a damn Volvo. (wow, that got heavy fast).

So take your shot, ok?

You’re going to crash and burn on many of them but you know what? Listen close….


You track and count your wins, your failures don’t matter. How many SuperBowls has Tom Brady lost? How many has he won? The correct answer is that you probably remembered he’s got 6 SB wins and maybe had to think to remember his 2 SB losses. As a society we track wins.

Don’t sweat failing and don’t sweat people if they give you shit when you fail.

Take your shots and track your wins.

You will go further in life by taking action then by doing anything else.


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