December 4

Confessions #1


I have two businesses.
One I love (coaching/speaking/events) and one I’ve done for a long time (real estate development).
In one of our development deals I’m dealing with a multitude of lawyers, lenders, contractors, etc. Most are cool and some are not. The uncool ones tend to suck the air out of the room when you talk to them and make you question your belief in sunshine, rainbows and basic goodness in the world.
Ever have people like in your world?
So one day recently I was getting particularly beat up** and was sitting in line at Philz Coffee in Encinitas (iced green tea extra mint)  and I wrote out the confessions below on my phone.
(**I’m a coach and a pretty positive person. That said, I have my bad days, failures and major imperfections. This blog will be littered with them. If you want the model perfect coach, I am most definitely not your guy. Check out Tony Robbins:)
  • Kinda done being a punching bag, done putting up with low minded/low vibe bullshit
  • Stop reading social media, stop the endless comparisons with other speakers/coaches
  • Run my race
  • Find a core group people to help and don’t worry about anyone else
  • More time writing and developing my skills and craft
  • Think about how I can be most helpful, then think about how I can make money
  • Stop worrying about shit I can’t control
  • Remember I’m an example to someone, act accordingly
  • Don’t be afraid of my own power and influence
  • Help people build confidence, find their voice and uncover their true identity
  • Strip down my message and content delivery so it’s clear and easy, it does not have to be flashy
  • Take lessons from thing I love: family, football, RHCP, Stratum, surfing,
  • Start my days earlier and more purposefully
  • Be real
  • Don’t be who I’m not
  • Help people with their inner hell
I must say waiting for glorious iced green tea with extra mint and writing this all out on my phone really made me feel better. I thought about it and here’s why:
  1. It gave me perspective and made my problems seem smaller/more manageable.
  2. It gave me direction. Knowing what you don’t want is half the battle sometimes.
  3. It gave me empathy. Reminded me that while I was going through this inner hell, other people are going through theirs.
  4. It gave me power. List building like this made me feel more powerful and in control of my own life.


That’s it, quick post today.
More to come soon..


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