Personal Leadership Coaching

Words truly cannot express how grateful I am to know you. You are a terrific mentor and amazing human. Keep doing amazing things and changing lives! You truly have impacted my life more than you know and I am forever grateful for you.
Erin B.

One of the coolest things about coaching is that you get to work with someone who is 100% focused on your success. When we work together, I don’t care what your boss/your friends/your Mom thinks what’s wrong with you or what you should do with your life. I care only about you and helping you figure out wtf to do with your life; how to build confidence & self-esteem; stop the deadly cycle of self-defeating thinking and behaviors. You are the focus 100% of the time. Let’s get you rolling, let’s get you in the career you want, let’s get you owning any room you walk into and let’s get you happier & healthier than you’ve ever been. 

What results can I expect from coaching with you?

You’ll build confidence, find your purpose and embark on a new path of self-mastery. You’ll learn how to thrive in chaos, master your relationships and challenge yourself in ways you never have before. Sounds pretty cool, right?

What makes you different from other coaches?

Two things: experience and outcomes. I only coach in areas I have experience and I am very outcome focused. I’ll help you figure out what you’re trying to achieve and we’ll use that as the baseline for our work together.

What are some of your popular coaching topics?

Building self-confidence and self-esteem, Figuring out your path in life and goal setting, Personal leadership, Love, sex and relationships, Stress management, Career development, Entrepreneurship, etc.

Is coaching like therapy?

In short, nope. Therapy is great to look back on what’s happened to you and how to deal with it. Coaching helps you to look forward. I care about your childhood but we’re going to be forward-looking and figure out how to hit your goals.

Why I coach and why you should care*?

My answer is simple:  I coach because I dig helping people. I could have stayed in the corporate world and made more money but I love helping people (and I ran out of  khakis:). Some people take drugs or drink; I get my highs by helping people- and playing RHCP super loud on my way to crossfit.

*this is the first question you should ask any prospective coach.