About Me

I’m Jim Simcoe and I help people lead happier, more successful lives. I’m not a guru or an expert- I’m just a guy who’s good at helping other people thrive. Some people were born to juggle or be great artists; I was born to help people.

I didn’t go to school for it but it’s my thing. Wearing tank-tops and listening to 80s music is also my thing but that’s probably not going to help you much:)

The thing is that I can teach you how to thrive and be happier in your life as well.

But first, let me tell you my story- I’ll keep it brief…

The Basics

I am a father, husband, author/speaker/podcaster, tree-hugging capitalist, surfer, crossfit guy, RHCP devotee, fish taco fiend. I’m a left-handed Aries from Attleboro, MA currently living near the beach in San Diego, CA.

Events That Made Me Who I Am Today:​

Love – I’ve been married for over 16 years.  While it’s not always been puppy dogs and rainbows, our marriage is awesome overall.  A lot of the work I do is helping people figure out their relationships.  Again, I’m not an expert but I do know what works in a relationship and how to get your relationship on track. Relationships should be filled with fun, intimacy, trust and hot sex. You deserve that at the very least.

Music – Playing in a band in college taught me to face my fears. I was the lead singer and the thing is I’m not a good singer. In fact, I’m really not that great at all. So I had to face my fears of performing in front of people (scary) and being not great (embarrassing, also scary).  I was in the band for four years and we were pretty popular.

I learned that (for me) being an entertainer on stage and pouring my heart into each song was more important than singing technically perfect. This experience gave me the tools to face my fears, boost my confidence and help others do the same.  Sounds crazy but being in a band was one of the biggest keys to my personal development.

Sports – I’ve played sports all my life including college lacrosse, flag football, surfing, softball, crossfit, basketball. Sports have taught me how to build mental toughness, discipline, commitment and work with others.  All of these lessons are ones I carry on in my coaching work. 

Sexual Abuse – I was sexually abused by my Uncle for about five years when I was in middle school/high school. I’ve blocked out most of it so don’t remember much of my childhood before that time.  At the time I didn’t care if I lived or died and I carried the shame of the abuse with me for 25 years.  I still get triggered by late afternoon sun (the time of day usually when my Uncle would come for me) and it’s affected almost every relationship I’ve ever had.  

So I know what it’s like to go through trauma and feel hopeless.

I know what it’s like to feel shame and have major trust issues.  Luckily I worked through it and can happily say that my life today is awesome.  Sexual abuse or other trauma does not have to irrocably f*ck your life.  I fully believe you can recover from it. So I know what it’s like to go through trauma and feel hopeless. I know what it’s like to feel shame and have major trust issues.  Luckily I worked through it and can happily say that my life today is awesome.  

Career – I’ve worked in big jobs in Corporate America and launched my own businesses.  Previously, I’ve felt stuck in my job and unsure what to do. I’ve also launched and sold several successful businesses. I’ve raised money for start ups (over $15M in total) and I’ve also lived on mac & cheese with three bucks in my checking account for a period of time.  I can help you figure out your career, your purpose and what the hell you want to do with your life. And it doesn’t matter if you’re at the beginning of your career or towards the end of it.

Here’s What I’m Best At/How I Can Help You:

Build confidence & self-esteem – Confidence is the fuel of our lives. Without it you never take calculated risks, grow or get to truly enjoy your life.  You live a life of quiet oblivion and that sucks.

Find your purpose – Help you determined exactly what you want to do with your life. Who do you want to be, what legacy do you want to leave and what is your best career path to follow.

Get better at love – Learn how to master your relationship and enjoy it more.  

Get unstuck – Sometimes you’re in a rut and you don’t even know it. If so, I can help you get out of it and get you on the right path.

Build an Epic Mindset – Learn how to build mental toughness, face your fears (in a healthy way), inspire others, lead with your heart, etc.  I can help you create the mindset you need to truly make your life epic and help you become happier.