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May 25th, 2015|

6 Ways to Build Stronger Friendships

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*Podcast dedication – Robby McGee (pictured here on the left with his best friend and my brother, Ryan Simcoe)

See how great friendships are based on 6 key areas including: shared experiences, loyalty, showing up, etc.  You’ll see what to do when you face a fork in the road with a friend and how to give incredible actionable advice (even if you’re not a therapist).

Better still, you’ll learn how to judge real friends from fake friends and why your best friends will always back you up no matter what.


Facebook friends are people you know.  Some are true friends, most are not
4 ways to tell a true friendship:

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May 14th, 2015|

How to find Inner Peace

Turn personal trauma to inner peace

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Unless you’re Superman, you’ve probably faced trauma in your life.  It can be one of the major things holding you back from having a truly epic life. In this podcast I give you 5 effective tools to deal with past trauma based on my personal experience. The time to put the trauma behind you is now so check out these 5 tools to do it.

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May 14th, 2015|

How to Build Mental Toughness

5 Keys to Build Mental Toughness

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Are you mentally tough?  Would you like to be cool, calm and collected in any situation?  Check out this podcast to learn about the five keys to mental toughness. You’ll learn why mental toughness is a skill that anyone can build regardless of intelligence or education.  Tune in and get on the path to mental toughness right away.


1. Tap your motivation
  • Motivation is internal, never external (only you can motivate you)
  • Regardless of the situation, ask yourself  “Why?”
    • Why am I doing this?
    • Why do I need to fight though this?
    • Why do I need to get better, faster, stronger?
    • “Because I have to” is NEVER an answer
  • Ex: running a marathon
    • My why- prove to myself I could do it after having numerous surgeries

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May 7th, 2015|

What women want (advice for clueless guys everywhere)

Love, sex and relationship advice from my good friend Jen

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This one is awesome. Today we welcome Jen Copyak, Superwoman extraordinaire to the podcast. She’s a strong independent woman, wife and mom who’s here to help us (men) understand the female brain. She’ll explain what women want from their relationships, why confidence is sexy and how blueberries are better than jewelry.

Personally, I learned a ton from this podcast so I think you’ll dig it.



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May 5th, 2015|

How to believe in yourself

Believe in your awesome-ness

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If you’ve ever doubted yourself than this podcast is for you.  See  why believing in yourself is a core component of an epic life. Learn the 8 simple steps to believing in yourself more and learn why you are stronger than you think.  You’ll hear why ‘being comfortable with being uncomfortable’ and ignoring other people’s highlight reels are crucial to your success in this area.  Tune in and improve your self-belief today.


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May 1st, 2015|

Tools for Epic Leadership

Leadership lessons from the Four Agreements, Tom Brady and the best football game ever played

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Do you want to master the art of personal leadership without all the typical self-help “rah-rah”. If so, check out this podcast on personal leadership. You’ll see how being your own “guru” and mastering the #1 key to personla leadership will make you happier, more successful and improve your entire life. You’ll learn about the Four Agreeements and see how it can change your life through it’s simple message. Check out this episode and learn more about how to be an epic leader.


  • What is personal leadership?
    • Power to control your own life, your own destiny and your happiness
    • Ability to get the things done in the way you want them done
    • Power to establish a legacy in the world
    • Desire to help others
    • At the end of the day: personal leadership is all about how you choose to live your life
      • Are you going balls out or:

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